What is a custom web design?

What is a custom web design?

Custom Web design is the way of working on every aspect of the successful digital presence of the respective business, providing customised services of design execution, programming, user experience and marketing.

The ultimate goal is to represent the business uniquely, emphasising each point that demonstrates the essential feature of that business or organisation.

Why do custom web design rule over website templates?

Custom Web Design makes the website stand out uniquely from the crowd, ensuring a competitive edge over your competitors.

It adapts to your business needs better by reflecting it perfectly.

As the search engine constantly crawls for uniqueness, the probability of your website coming up in the SERP can go high with a customised web design.

Custom web design bestows your website visitors with an exceptional user experience.

It is helpful if you are looking for a website that is a powerful expression of your brand.

It offers high scalability and a flexible number of features compared to the website template.

On the other hand, a Website template is only functional when your budget is limited, and another reason could be when you are in a hurry to get your website live.

Types of Website Designing

Static Website: It is displayed in a browser the same way it is stored and is primarily used for blogs and documentation.

E-commerce- It allows users to buy or sell physical products, services or digital products over the broadest range of the internet

Dynamic- Dynamic website displays different content to the user as per demographics, time, location and language.

Devolperis the first choice for various website services with complete authenticity.

How can the website boost your business?

Branding- Nowadays, web design is crucial in setting up a business. Having a dynamic website that explains the company in detail is an ideal investment in that business-enhancing brand reputation and trustworthiness.

Increase Accessibility- Best website keep your business alive and your products and services in memory 24*7 even when all offline sources fail to provide the essential services

Attention seekers- Showcasing the products and services in a manner that seeks a user’s attention and quenches their thirst for information.

Best investment in your business- Advertising budget-friendly process which in return ensures digital presence and global ranking

Target organic customers-Give exposure to sales by making ease of reaching to more customers

Meet your customers’ requirements- Website visitors get helpful information about the product and services as per their desires, and on the other side, you will get your potential customers.

So, your website is the first impression of the products and services.

Make sure to make it appealing.

Essential Parameters of a well-designed website

Certain aspects ensure the proper functioning of a website

Responsiveness – A responsive website has a flexible layout adjustable to the size of the screen, providing an optimised browsing experience. An ideal website should look great and work well on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Mobile Phone friendly- In the present era, no one is without a mobile phone. So it is essential to keep the website responsive to mobile phones.

Attention-seeking layout: A customer can get attracted to your website in just 0.5 seconds if they find it appealing, resulting in high dwell time. The more one will stay on the website, the more chances of conversion.

            Here are the key points to make your website attention gainer

Colour combination: Every colour contains a message. So it is highly recommended to choose a colour combination for your website which goes well with what information you intend to deliver to your customer

Placement of products- The order of placing products on your website is essential. The arrangement of products is made so that customers can easily find the result.

Font used- The font usage and the combination of fonts are many parameters for the website. It helps the reader to skim written content

The loading speed of the website: Fast loading website increases user experience with the website, and they also convert better and bounce less

SEO friendly- Millions of websites are available on the search engine, but users only go to the website on the first pages. Only SEO parameters can make it search engine friendly, making it a top-ranking website.

Encrypted website- It makes the website secure and prevents hackers from viewing or stealing any relevant information

Content- An appealing design should always be accompanied by informative content as it is rightly said- Content is the King.

How Devolpercan make it possible for you

Devolper is one of the best web designing agencies in Kurukshetra, Haryana. Our following ways of providing top services to our clients with complete transparency make us trustworthy and efficient. 

Our services are entirely based on the requirements of our clients- We provide the combination of imagination and technology to help your brand grow digitally.

   We believe that your website should perfectly convey what your business can provide to the customers.

Ensure proper customisation of websites: Our first intention is to counsel our clients and build up an adequate understanding of what they want. We work while keeping in mind the targeted audience so that we may build a bridge between what the business is providing and what a customer is seeking.

Works to help you get potential customers- Not only do we pay attention to how the website looks, but we also focus on how efficient the website is to convert more website visitors into the customers 

Organic growth of website- Devolperemphasises bringing more and more organic traffic to the website

Trending website-We create websites keeping in mind the latest trends and using the latest techniques and tools, making the content manageable.

Foundation of the successful journey- Devolperstrives to convert the visual images into the virtual reality of successful websites.

Works with perfection- We select the ideal templates and colour scheme for your website, which goes well with the brand adding customised touch, fascinating images and infographics.

Result-oriented websites- We ensure a clear CTA on the website so that customers easily find their way to your services without any hurdles. We align our professional services with the company goal of providing efficient custom web design as the outcome along with brand identity, traffic and ROI

Perfectly customised website- Our primary focus is to create a website that allows desirable involvement of the net user

A perfect blend of creativity and logic at Devolperis awaiting your business.

As websites are the foundation of your online presence, Devolperbelieves in making the foundation strong.

Why Choose Us?

From sitemap & wireframe to custom web design- Our proficient web designers adhere to pay attention to the following questions:

Does the website give a good impression to the potential customers?

Do the customers spend time on the web pages or bounce off the website?

Track the number of customers visiting the website

We ensure the responsive format and efficient user interface

Devolperbuilds up a website which is:

The central form of information for your business, products & services

Have responsiveness on all devices

Evolve to achieve maximum customer satisfaction

A systematic approach combining UX and UI includes analysis, research, prototyping and testing.

Devolperworks strategically, from denoting the website’s purpose to publishing it.

Grow your business with EA Tech

The Needs of different businesses differ from each other; to build up a unique identity having a customised website is an ideal choice. 

Devolperpaves the way for leading you to your business goals by:

Keep it simple- Following a strategic way of processing your website, we keep the whole process simple

We focus on -your website depicts clearly about your products and services. The first impression is an essential aspect for customers to make any decision. So, Devolpertries to make it impressive.

We adhere to providing consistent style to your website – logo, favicons, header, and footer which effortlessly fulfil your business purpose and ensure cohesive branding.

Worth time spending: Devolpercreates a website with a high user experience making it worth time and ultimately leading to more conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation- We necessarily keep in mind all factors to optimise your website as per the Search engine to achieve a high ranking

Hard to copy websites- As we deliver you a unique website with exceptional functionality, it would be challenging for the competitors of your business to copy it

Customer-friendly web design: We intend to highlight all essential features of your business-why. Your customer should choose you by reviewing all conversion possibilities and compel them to take favourable actions.

We ensure to provide budget-friendly websites in the respective time frame

We are passionate to make this experience promising results

Devolper, therefore, brings business vision to life, which makes us the top web designing company

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