Effective Communication

Effective Communication

One must focus on listener responses as the True Feedback on how effective our communication is

Effective communication is an essential skill which one can learn from learned and experienced communicators who knows the art and science behind it

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Learn communication techniques and listening skills for being an effective communicator


Program Highlights​

Total duration: 
Program delivery schedule: 
Delivery hours:
Minimum Qualification: 

20 hrs
Mon-Fri / Sat-Sun
2 hrs (every training session) 
12th or above


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How to be an Effective Communicator

We help you understand the basics of communication and give you a clear understanding of where you presently stand as an Effective Communicator

We have developed an Effective Communication program which helps you start working on fundamental issues, improvise and gauge your level of communication


Program Outline

  • Communication fundamentals
  • Process of communication
  • Communication styles
  • Managing content
  • Stress management
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Communication barriers
  • Activities

50% off at 2,999/-

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Anand has 25+ years of working experience with corporate pieces of training. He has extensively dealt with communication workshops and domain pieces of training. He is presently working with the logistics and supply chain industry in the training department as Lead-Trainer. As a training enthusiast, he is very keen to benefit learners through his vast experience and bring a lot of value to his programs through practice and activities

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