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Lead a TEAM

Leading a team and creating a success story is everyone's dream but how far we understand this is not just management role but a technique to learn and deal with.

We introduce you to the concepts of working for a team, leadership and goal management. Managers can map how far they are successful in meeting their team and company’s expectations in doing this program.

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team leader

A strong team can deliver 200% to company expectations but they need a leader to do this


Program Highlights​

Mode:    Online
Total duration:    20 hrs
Program delivery schedule:     Mon-Fri / Sat-Sun
Delivery hours:    2 hrs (every training session) 
Minimum Qualification:    12th or above


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How to be a Team Leader

We help you understand team profiling and using different concepts and approaches while dealing with upscale and downscale hierarchy

We have developed Team Leader program that helps you learn dealing with teams who look at you as a leader for their expectations from you


Program Outline

What program cover?

  • Introduction to Management and Leadership
  • Lean Management
  • Training of team
  • Cultural boundaries
  • Building blocks
  • Data management
  • Ideas and recognitions
  • Effective ways of team leading
  • Activities 

50% off at 2,999/-

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Pranay has 10+ years of working experience with education and corporate trainings. He is NSDC Certified Trainer in ITeS domain and has worked as team lead with this sector. He is effective communicator and ace trainer who has mastered in task, team management and domain trainings. He is presently working in skill industry in trainings. He loves being helpful and meet everyone expectation with his personal interest in learner growth and their learning curve.


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